After my earlier experience in Thiruvarur, I had started regularly visiting Vadivudai Amman Temple, whenever I felt I should, in Thiruvottiyur. It was January 2005, and my brother Sakthi had fever, around 104 degrees and got admitted in nearby clinic. Fever got reduced in a day, but he was ill for a week continuously, getting weaker day by day.

By this time, My uncle had called Appa and told that we needed to do a Rudrabishegam urgently, since it was the only remedy for Rahu mahadasa and Guru Bhukthi. It needs to be done in a Shiva temple, was his advice. Appa was working in Kaatoor branch, near Minjur as manager and so had acquaintance with Kurukkal of Shiva temple. He accepted readily to do, but told, We will better do this in Chinthamaneeswarar koil. Its as sacred as Varanasi by puranas.

Trip to temple was excellent. Just 20 days after destructive Tsunami of 2004, we went through Kaatoor – by boat in Back waters of sea – to temple. Other side had the roaring sea. I was afraid to travel by boat and was thinking, what if it tumbles 🙂 After all I was around 22 and thought I should live for some more time 🙂

So called Rudrabhishegam was excellent. For first time in life, I heard a single mantra run for almost 45 mins…first part had “namo namo” and second part had “Chamay chamay..” Very rhythmic and captivating it was, so at the end of pooja, I asked the gurukkal, what did he chant…Answer came strikingly “Sri Rudram !”

Pooja was over and within a couple of days, a mild liver infection which was troubling my brother had halved in blood and in a week, he was as fit as earlier days. Strange isn’t it? After 4 months we had the Thirumalai Vaiyavoor incident, which I had described in my earlier blog.

The last incident which totally converted me to an ardent hindu, so to say a Shiva bhaktha, was a Thila yaagam which we did in Sendhangudi temple, near Mayuram.

Appa usually got a swelling in leg, whenever we travelled for long distances, with no absolute bearing on his health. But I was scratching my head…after complete tests and results showing him absolutely healthy in Apollo, I was forced to take the last resort, Horoscope. Again my uncle suggested me to do a havan called “Thila homam.” It had to be done with Thil seeds. Reason was simple…Any individual with Guru Dasa, Rahu bhukthi, with both of them in kendras, need to do this, to ward off evil effects. We went and did it. Other than usual homa aahudhis, this had Thil seeds, mixed with jaggery.

Exactly one month later in June 2006, I visited Mayuram for my cousin sister’s wedding. There was a person called Narayana, who got the dhaanam which Appa gave on the day of havan. I incidently met him on that day, and was terribly shocked. Appa had developed a black tint, on his wheatish red face before the havan. It had developed over a period of 6 months. We couldn’t identify the reason for that…The same tint was on the face of Narayanan and shell shocked, I saw Appa’s face, it had gone !!

Also, I had noticed that the swelling in legs never appeared after that havan, through this 7 years !!! What else do I need in Life ???

These incidents were more than sufficient for me to start praying and visiting temples ! So,

Avan Arulale Avan Thaal Vanangi !“, says Manicka vasagar (Praying his feet, by his own blessing!!!) I started believing, he had selected me too! Why else, all these should happen to me ? I am no big…after all a small boy of 23 !!

From then He has showed me different forms of lingas in my dreams. Some made of copper, some of Iron, some silver, some gold, some very small, some standing 100s of feet tall, some times with abhisheka and sometimes deepa alankara.

Down the lane in this 9 years from ’03, I have had chances to visit numerous Shiva temples, some too good to see, some extremely destructed. 

My intention in this blog is to write an account of the temples which I visit and easy landmarks to identify them, so that interested people can visit and get His blessings.

I chose to pray Lord Shiva, for a fruitful venture of continuing this blog (Since I have lost my N8 and N95 with 100s of photos of different temples :)), with the lines, our clan’s greatest ever ancestor Arunmozhithevar alias Sekkizhar chose to start “Periyapuranam”,

Ulagellam Unarnthu Otharkariyavan,
Nilavulaviya Neermali veniyan,
Alagir sothiyan Ambalathaduvan,
Malar silambadi Vaazhthi vananguvam !!

He who should be realized and worshiped by this world, 
having Moon and Ganges in his body, 
performing cosmic dance in this universe, 
We shall pray his lotus feet adoring anklets.

Samiappa Palanivelan

 P.S : No more story writing, Temples from next blog 🙂