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 Legend of Pashanams:

Pashanam means poison. There are 108 types of pashanas, which are present, citing Mahaguru Agasthiyar Nadi. These are basically of 2 types:

1) Chandra pashanams, which are related to moon
2) Soorya Pashanams, related to sun

based on whose rays induce them to have better medical effect. These pashanams, when mixed with particular order and weights, have capability to cure many diseases.

The best example of this, is Palani Murugan statue, which was made out of Nava-Pashanas (9 poisons) by one of the greatest Siddhar, Bogar, on orders from Muruga and Mahaguru Agasthiar. Abhishega theertham of Palani Murugan, and the Thirumeni sandal wood paste, which is applied on Pashana statue every night, and distributed to devotees in early mornings (around 5.30 AM), are believed to carry this miraculous effect and cure incurable diseases.

Pashana Lingeswarar History:

In the history of Vijayanagara Empire, Thimmi Reddy and Bommi Reddy, who were ruling with Vellore fort as Headquarters, were noteworthy kings. Their descendent, Sadhashivaraya did many good deeds in Divakarayar Ellai, a rural location next to Arcot in those days.

In his rule, there was a wide spread epidemic, due to which people suffered a lot. Being very pious and caring king, Sadhashivaraya discussed this with “Raja Panditha Sironmani, Manthira Vaidhya Kesari” Kannika Parameswara Andhanar, who was the Raja vaidhyar of his kingdom.

Vaidhyar, on Dhanvanthri methods (should be some medical type), used 5 Chandra Pashanams, to make a lingam, called “Somanatha Eeswara Pashana Lingam”. This measured 7 inches in height. Interestingly, Thimiri, is name of one of the Pashanams used to make this Lingam.

In the “Thai” month Arudhra star of 1379A.D., the lingam’s pradhishtai was carried out inside the Thimiri fort by Sringeri Mutt’s 12th Sankarachariyar, Shri Vidhyaranya Swamigal. Since the lingam was made on both Agama and Siddha medicine rules, the Abhishega theertham served the purpose of curing diseases.


With this, Thimiri Pashana Lingeswarar became second best pashana structure, only next to Palani Murugan !!! Any known Pashana structure in world, falls only after these two in quality !

Owing to the fame of lingam, the area which was known as “Divakarayar Ellai”, was renamed as “Thimiri”!

Arcot war:

Then Nawab of Arcot, suddenly waged a war on this king. Sadhashivaraya lost the battle, and both his forts, in Vellore and Thimiri were destructed. The noble king, entrusted the vaidhyar to safeguard the pashana lingam, and sent a small troop of soldiers to accompany him. Knowing that they will be captured, the Vaidhyar hid the Lingam in a tortoise shaped shell, made of chemicals to preserve it, and hid it inside the temple tank in Thimiri. And shortly, they were captured and killed with elephant tramping. Before his death, the Vaidhyar prayed to Lord Shiva, that, if at all he has another birth, he should bring this Lingam outside and construct a temple.

1985 AD:

In modern day Thimiri, there were efforts to build an Ayyappan Temple. There was not much progress even after strenuous efforts. On this note, Mr.A.S.Radhakrishnan Reddiar, who was head of the committee constructing the temple, visited Thanjavur and got directions in Nadi regarding this Lingam in temple tank, took it outside on 14th June 1985, and has been doing poojas since then.

It is a wide spread belief, that he was the Vaidhyar in his previous birth, who made this Lingam! I didn’t find time to talk to him on this, so this information is unconfirmed (personally).

Location :

From Arcot, take the Arani road, and drive 10 kms. You will reach Thimiri. Continue further, till you reach the Bazaar of Thimiri on the same road. Inquire on Pashana Lingam temple / Ayyappan temple. People will guide you.

Swamiji Radhakrishnan,
Ph: 93447 30899

Temple timing is generally till 8.30 PM. But when I called him, Swamiji was kind enough to tell me that he will wait till 9 PM, in case I confirm my visit.

Note: Bottle of Abhishega theertham is sold at Rs. 25/- and honey is sold at Rs.150/- People can buy, if they visit this temple. It is sure to have medicinal properties.

Source of Info : History of temple given by Swamiji, and some other blogs regarding Nadi.