Thillai Kali:

Nataraja performed “Anandha Thandavam” for his staunch bhaktas, Pathanjali and Vyakrapadha in Chidambaram. On this, there was a dance challenge between him and Kali, who owned Thillai forest, now known as Chidambaram. Kali lost, when Nataraja performed  “Urthuva thandavam“(refer to Adalarasan post for more details.) and angry Godess Kali, sat down in Northern boundary, where this temple has been built. She is the “Ellai kali” of this disha. In layman terms, for any big temple, there will be Gods / Godesses taking the role of safe-gaurding in all 4 directions. Kali is there in North.


The statue is good looking and is in the corner of the temple. Godess is too fierce in the form, and is adorned with White saree. To add to fierceness, kumkum is used to do alankaram.

Shri Brahma Chamundeeswari:

Seeing ugra kali, Brahma came down and recited prayers to calm her down, and to bring her to shantha swaroopam, from her fierce form. Acknowledging the prayers, Kali gave her fiercess, and sat down as Shri Brahma Chamundeeswari, with 4 faces. She is the main deity of the temple, in temple terms, moolavar in this temple.

Temple and other Sannidhis:

The temple is good, and has been constructed by a Pallava king, Ko-perun-chingan between 1229 and 1278 AD.

The temple also houses Shri Prasanna Vinayagar, Sri Karthikeyar, Bhairava shrines. There is a small sannithi for a chieftain, who gave himself as Bali / sacrifice along with his disciples, when the chariot didn’t move in 12 th / 13th century. Since the chariot moved after his deed, he is respected with this sannidhi.

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Also in the koshtam, there are different Swaroopini statues, rather than typical Saptha matha dieties like Maheswari, Chamundi and Varahi. The Godess represent Brahma, Vishnu and Dakshinamoorthy forms of Godesses.

2012-11-17-102A view in Praharam.


The temple is around 1 km from Nataraja temple. Must visit one.