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 Mayil Andavar koil / Roma Maharishi Jeeva Peedam:

Divine invites are rather surprising, and comes to you, when you least expect them!

I was standing in a Tamil pooja items shop, in Thippasandra market, where 2 people were talking about a temple in Thiruvarur. Being my maternal native, I asked them, was it in reference to Thiyagaraja Temple. No, We worship Siddhars, was the reply. He further told “Suruttukol Siddhar Samadhi”. I didn’t know, so, I didn’t mind it. And I bought what I wanted.

When I turned to leave, he said, Thambi, when you go to Pattinathar Samadhi next time, go to “Bhairava Siddhar” samadhi nearby. I was rather surprised, since I didn’t remember telling him, I live in Chennai. Whenever someone asks my native, I always say Thanjavur.

Two months later, when I planned to go Thiruvotriyur, I started searching Padagachery Ramalinga Swamigal (a) Bhairava Siddhar shrine in web. I did get a website, http://18siddhar.blogspot.in with required details. I thank this site for the information I got. And, I was quite surprised to see a temple in Thiruvottiyur, named Mayil-Andavar koil, since we lived there for 4 years and had never heard it.

There was an extract from Brighu Maharishi Nadi in the web-page I saw. The poem, and my translation in English, are as follows :

ஆதியாம் பராபரத்தின் பாதம் போற்றி
அறிவிபேன் பிருகுயான் சீவ சாட்சி
ஒதிடுவேன் குருநாளில் முனிகள் சூழ்ந்த
ஒப்பில்லா சீவதலம் அறிந்து கொண்டு

Praying the Primordial Divine’s feet,
Will declare today, myself, Brighu, as witness,
On this Thursday, with Many Rishis and Munis surrounded,
An un-equalled, live piece of earth !!

கொண்டதொரு ஈசனார்க்கு பரிவாரங்கள்
குருமுனிக்கு சீடனாய் நின்ற சித்து
கொண்டதொரு சீவ மூர்த்தம் லிங்கமாக
குறிப்பான ஆகமங்கள் கடந்து ஞானம்

As a Parivara deity for Lord Shiva, (Lord Adhipureeswara)
is Agasthya’s disciple, and a Siddha,
as a Jeeva Samadhi / Peedam in Linga,
In state of bliss (Gnanam), after crossing Agamas!!

ஞானமுடன் வாசிக்கு உகந்த தடமே
ஞாலமதில் குருமுனிக்கு உகந்த சீடர்
ஊனமிலா மூலன் அம்சம் புசண்டன் அம்சம்
உயர்வான மூலம் சதயம் பூசை நன்மை

Temple is suitable for Pranayama.
In this world, Agasthya’s favourite Disciple,
With teachings of Thirumoolar and Kaga Bujandar.
Poojas on Moolam and Sadhayam stars are good!!

நன்மை பட அகத்தீசன் வழியும் வந்த
நல்லதொரு மார்கங்கள் கொண்டோர் யாவும்
உன்னதமாய் தலம் தேடி ஞானம் கொண்டு
உயர்வடைய செய்வாரே தன் விழிப்பு

Those who follow Agastheesan’s path, (Mahaguru Agasthyar)
and All who come in Paths of Goodness,
Will search this sthalam, come here and get Gnanam,
Siddha will elevate him with self-consiousness!!

விழிப்பு நிலை சகசர யோகம் சித்து இப்போ
வாக்குரைபோம் மாந்தர்க்கும் அறியும் வண்ணம்
வழக்கில்லா நிலை ஜெயமும் உந்தனுக்கு
வழி அளிக்க வல்ல சித்து சீவம் முற்றே !!!

Self-consiousness and Sahasra yoga will be blessed.
Shall declare now, that humans understand,
Rid of problems, with thy victory,
Will this Siddha bless you !!!

Why should I read about this temple? Divine Invitation, I thought. So, went to pray on my son’s birthday, and was quite astonished in many ways. 

A very simple, but elegant one. As opposed to the poem, which implicitly talks about the Siddhar, this is Jeeva Peedam of Shri Roma Maharishi !!!


Only 2 sannidhis are present, Shiva, called Mayil-Andavar, and Jeeva peedam of Maharishi.

This place is very carefully maintained by Shri. Dhamodhara Swamy, who himself looks like a Swamiji. Hence forth, I will mention him as Ayya in this post. And, even more surprising, I had seen him in Sathuragiri, a couple of months back in Sattanathar cave and had taken his blessings!!!


Lord Shiva shrine. Ambal is not present here. Roma Maharishi had developed a shastram, called “Pancha Pakshi Shashtram”. One of the five birds is a Peacock. Hence the name for the moolavar.

Shri Roma Maharishi Jeeva Peedam:

This temple has a mada koil structure, which houses Jeeva peedam / Samadhi of Shri Roma Maharishi. The outstanding vigraham of Maharishi is beyond words to explain. It appears as if he is doing Tapas in stone sculpture.

The vigraham is 3-4 feet tall. Extremely well sculptured! It appears with Jadamudi (very long hair, tied well, like a crown), in seated posture. In the Jadamudi, there is a Shiva linga visible. Ayya said there are 2 more shiva lingas in the jadamudi, invisible from outside the sannidhi. There are 2 beautiful ear-rings.

The beard is tied and well trimmed. There is a Rudraksha mala in the neck. Seems there is also a Linga in the beard. Since there were garlands around neck, I was not able to see completely. The right hand has a blessing (Varadha) mudra and the left has a small bowl with a spoon. Ayya said, Maharishi has a golden bowl, with a spoon, to indicate that he has cure for innumerable diseases.

Strange, I couldn’t help myself but for sitting down, and closing my eyes. I don’t know meditation, Pranayama, and any similar stuff. But the second I closed my eyes and thought Maharishi, I saw a Glittering Jothi, I should say. Can be an illusion though, I thought!!!
Sthala Vruksham for this temple is Athhi, Anjeer as better known to this world.

Roma Maharishi Prowess (as explained by Ayya):
1) Once Kannagi burnt Madurai and travelled towards Chennai, She was installed as “Vattaparai Amman”, by Maharishi. This shrine is present even today in Shri Adhipureeswarar temple praharam. To reduce the fierceness of this Amman, it is believed that Adi Shankara installed a Sri Chakram in front of her, so as to make her Shantha Swaroopi.
2) Maharishi was instrumental in guiding “Thondaiman Chakkaravarthy”, to build Adhipureeswarar shrine.
3) Maharishi gave the other name of “Padampakkanathar” to Adipureeswarar.
4) On a Masi – Magam natchatram day, Maharishi united himself with Cosmos, a common trick used by Siddhars to disappear from a place.
5) Maharishi appeared when this world was created and is living for eternity.
6) Has travelled throughout the world. He is believed to be present in Sathuragiri, where he is trusted to be a Guru for all 18 Siddhars (actually there are numerous siddhars. The list of 18 differs in many places, emphasizing my view.)
7) Maharishi created “Sangu Theertham” in “Thirukazhukundram” shrine. Created Vedhachalam and Vedhapureeswarar shrines.
8) Trusted to have given the names of Sandhana Mahalingam and Sundara Mahalingam to the Swayambhu Lingas in Sathuragiri.
9) Widely believed that Kasi Viswanathar visited Maharishi here in form of a normal human being, and Maharishi identified him and built a Golden Shrine for Viswanathar in Thiruvottiyur sea shore yugas back. This temple submerged in sea later, as the yugas changed.
10) In this Thiruvotriyur, Rama and Ravana worshiped Roma Maharishi in “Thretha Yuga” and Pandavas worshipped him in “Dwapara yuga”. Rama worshipped him to unite with his sons, Lava and Kusa.
11) Whenever, a hair in his body (which is golden because of his kaya-kalpa skills) falls down, it signals end of one Brahma’s lifetime. This will extend to crores of years in human calendar. Personally, Vedas doesn’t say Brahma is eternal. “Saswathagum Shivam – Achyutham” says “Narayana Sooktam”, which means only Shiva and Vishnu are eternal. Till now, ayya says, very few hairs have fallen down.
12) He is a Raja-Rishi. Has installed and created various temples.
13) Palaar, which was initially a river of milk, was created by Maharishi.
14) Maharishi created “Pancha Pakshi Shashtram” (shashtram using 5 birds) based on Peacock, Crow, Owl, Garuda and Cock.
15) Authored famous lines, “Romam endre sollada, Roma Pillai sollada, Thalai nimirnthu nillada”, which translates as, “Utter Roma’s name, consider yourself his son/daughter, and live a righteous life!!!”
16) And finally, believed that Mahaguru Agasthyar and Siddhar Idaikadar worshipped Roma Maharishi in this place.
Temple Location:
#98, Ellai Amman Koil Theru, Thiruvotriyur, Chennai – 19

Dharmakartha & Caretaker : Sri Damodhara Swamigal

Contact Phone number:
91504-30902 / 044-25992902

How to Reach:
Ellai amman koil near Thiruvotriyur is very famous there. Just reach there, enter the street, and walk for 50 mts. You will find the Temple entrance, between houses and small shops. The above picture has the entrance. Again after entering, you need to go beyond a house or two to reach this Jeeva Peedam.