Almost a decade back, I had read about this temple in Sakthi Vikatan magazine, and had totally forgotten it. Suddenly, in early 2011, I remembered this name, found the way to this temple and visited it. And quite contradicting its real value, the temple was very small in size, and was way neatly maintained, by a single elderly Brahmin person, who also happened to be Principal in the local school at that point of time. Current arrangement is not known to me.

Sri Valeeswarar temple

Sri Valeeswarar temple

Specialty : 6th of 32 Thondai Mandala Siva sthalams


The construction of this temple dates back to 637 AD, to the regime of King Mahendra varman.

Once upon a time, due to different incidents, Kishkintha’s king Vaali turned into a monkey, leaving behind his mighty strength, Deva king Indra into a squirrel, losing his kingdom and Lord of death, Yama, into a crow. In order to get rid of their curses, and get their original form back, they went to Mount Kailash and requested Shiva to let them know a way.

“Go to south of kanchi and pray Me there, you will get your form back” was Shiva’s advice.

Lord Valeeswarar:

Vaali reached here and prayed first in this place. Lord Shiva gave him darshan, removed his curse and based on his request, got the name here as “Vaaleeswarar”. Legend says, even Ravana prayed Shiva here, shown first in this sculpture.

Vaali Praying Lord Shiva !

Vaali Praying Lord Shiva !

Second to reach this place and pray was Indra in form of Squirrel and got his curse removed.

Last to reach this place was Yama in form of Crow. Seeing that there was no “Theertham” for this Lingam, the crow dug one with its beak and this is still there today, known as “Kaakai Madu”.


Goddess Poorana-Kangana-Dharini:

Iraiyar-Valai-Ammai, as known in Tamil, Goddess wears a lot of bangles here. She blesses female devotees for a normal and safe pregnancy and child birth, and also removes sins which prevents or delays marriage.

Naming of the place:

Since monkey (Kurangu in tamil), squirrel (Anil), and a crow (Muttam), came and prayed this Lingam, this place got the name “Kurangu-Anil-Muttam”. Also, this symbolizes that even creatures with less than 6 senses have prayed the Lord, and attained boons.

Koshtam and praharam:

This temple also houses Vinayaga Peruman, Murugan, Dhakshinamurthy, Kasi viswanathar, Durgai, Vishnu, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Saptha kanniyar, Suriyan and navagrahas.

Sthala Vruksham:

Elandhai is in the outer praharam.

Sthala Vruksham - Elandhai Tree

Sthala Vruksham – Elandhai Tree

Theertham :

Kakkai Madu, created by Lord Yama.

Kaakai Madu - Theertham created by Yama!

Kaakai Madu – Theertham created by Yama!

How to Reach :

From Kanchipuram, take Vandhavasi road. After around 6 – 7 kms, you will reach a village called “Dhoosi”. From there, take to your left and the temple is 2 kms from there.