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When I first heard the name “Bhairava Sidhdhar” in Bangalore, ( https://samiappapalanivelan.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/roma-maharishi-jeeva-peedam/ ), I never expected, and so as to say, was not interested also, to visit it one day.

After a very happening and pleasant surprise in Roma Maharishi Jeeva Peedam, I went to this Jeeva Peedam also. We need to go around 200 mts from Roma Peedam, but it is a very narrow street to drive. There, inside a private property compound are Bhairava Sidhdhar, and Appudu Sidhdhar Jeeva peedams.

I could not see a Gurukkal or a care-taker for the temple when I went (it was almost 12 noon), and the temples were closed. But when I requested the owner, he readily gave me the temple keys, which was surprising.

I couldn’t get details of these Sidhdhas, but I got a nice link to read on Bhairava Sidhdhar, Sri Padagachery Ramalinga Swamy (http://www.padagacheriswamigal.org )

Regarding the other Sidhdha, I could not make much information too.

Bhairava Sidhdhar Jeeva Peedam:

Since I always thought my visit was on this Sidhdha’s invite, I first went inside this temple, prayed for a second took some snaps and came out.

Bhairava Sidhdhar Jeeva Peedam !

Bhairava Sidhdhar Jeeva Peedam !

Jeeva Peeda Lingam !!

Jeeva Peeda Lingam !!

In this statue of the Sidhdhar, we can see his hand-stick, having a dog’s face inscribed at its head !

Bhairava Sidhdhar - Sri Padagachery Ramalinga Swamigal !

Bhairava Sidhdhar – Sri Padagachery Ramalinga Swamigal !

Appudu Sidhdhar Temple:


Jeeva Peeda Lingam !

Jeeva Peeda Lingam !

How To Reach:

From Ellai-Amman koil in Thiruvottiyur, walk to Mayil-Andavar kovil. Just take the left in from of the temple, walk some 200 mts, ask anyone and they will direct you. In case the temple is closed, you can ask the owner, and they will oblige a darshan!