Thiru-Malai-Vaiyavoor !!!

Temple from a distance !

Temple from a distance !

What to say about this divine temple ???

Extreme beauty of Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal ?

The courtesy and divine look of Sri Seetha Rama Swamigal who has spent majority of his life to service the temple ???

The flavour of hot Ghee + Camphor (Pachai karpooram) which he gave me from the deepam he carried on a “Thiruvona deepam” day, to drink when I was in school days?

A tiny but majestic black dog which I still remember ?  (

Steps, which can never be forgotten !

Steps, which can never be forgotten !

Or the taste of Laddu and puliyotharai sold there way back ? 🙂

Or the temple itself getting turned from an isolated spot, to a mandatory tourist itinerary now, after many centuries of existence?

Well. In this blog-post, we shall see the marvel of this temple, to the slightest extent of what I know !

Sthala Puranam:

In one line if I have to say, this Perumal is considered elder to Tirumala Perumal, and any offering which you have prayed to Tirumala Lord, can be carried out here, including tonsure.

In Krutha yuga, after vanquishing demon king Hiranyakshan, Lord Varaha is believed to have come to this place. Hence, akin to Tirumala, this is “Aadhi Varaga Moorthi Kshetram.”

In Thretha yuga, when Lord Rama fought mighty Ravana, and fell down unconscious with Lakshmana, Hanuman was asked to bring Sanjeevini herb, during when, He took complete Sanjeevi hill and travelled down south from Himalayas. When He crossed this place, Hanuman is believed to have changed the hill from his right to left hand, without keeping it on floor, and hence this place came to be known as “Thirumalai-vaiyaa-oor”.

Hence, with Aadhi Varaha swamy, Aadhi Varaha Kshetram, and Aadhi Varaha pushkarini, this temple has got the specialities of Moorthy, sthalam and theertham in one place.

Adhisheshan was given divine darshan by Tirumala Sri. Srinivasa Perumal here.

Aparajitha varma, a pallava king, was given darshan on this hill top by Lord Sri Venkateswara standing on a chariot. Still now in some rocks, there are signs of Horse-shoe, and chariot wheels. Raja Thodarmal of Vijayanagara empire has done construction works for this temple.

Akin to Tirumala temple, here also we are supposed to pray in Aadhi Varahaswamy shrine first, and then pray Sri. Prasanna Venkatesa perumal shrine and Thaayar Alarmel Mangai. It is trusted that the pilgrim to Tirumala is only complete after praying in this shrine.

Pradhakshina of the temple :

Let us first stand in the adivaram.

Temple steps, around 150...

Temple steps, around 150…

Once we climb half, we have a small shed, and a Hanuman shrine to pray.


Hanuman shrine !


Mobile didn’t have a flash 🙂

Once we pray here, walk another 50 – 60 steps, we reach the main temple premises. Let us take a praharam since the shrines are to our right, and we should not walk apradakshanam.


Rocks found near temple walls, which show how this place was before constructing this wonderful temple….


Thaayar and Perumal gopurams…

We enter the other side of the temple, and in the corner we have Pali peedam.


Pali – peedam


Sri Garudan on a small stone structure akin dwajasthambam.


Sri Hanuman on the other side…

We have now come to the side, where we have the main entrance…..

Nice depiction of Dasavatharams...

Nice depiction of Dasavatharams…

This complex is divided into two. The main one housing Srinivasa Perumal and thaayar, and the other one having some avatarams of Maha Vishnu. We enter the second one first.

This has Sri Ramar, Sri Varahar, and Sri Krishna with their consorts.


Sri Ramar, with Devi Sita and Lakshmanar…


Sri Adhi Varaha swamy with Goddess Lakshmi…


Sri Krishna with Bama and Rukmani…

We now come out of this, and enter the main sannidhi, which houses Perumal.

Entrance to the main sanctum...

Entrance to the main sanctum…

Trust me, Srinivasa Perumal is so very beautiful. Once we pray Him and come out, in the praharam itself we have Alarmel Mangai Thaayar sannidhi.

Sri. Alarmel Mangai Thaayar !

Sri. Alarmel Mangai Thaayar !

Pray Her, complete pradakshinam praying Aandal, and come out. Here sits Sri Ramanujar beautifully 🙂

Aazhwaar !!!

Aazhwaar !!!

We next have the Chakarathaazhwar shrine.

Chakkarathaazhwar shrine !

Chakkarathaazhwar shrine !

Once we pray Him, we are done with the pilgrim.

When we walk to the car parking, we can see these rocks, which have carvings, which are believed to be the markings of Lord Vishnu’s chariot!


Chariot wheel markings !


Horse Shoe Marks !


Complete rock, but our people have dumped waste into it !

Breath-taking though is the sculpture work of Sidhdhas and other Avatars in the temple pillars. Enjoy the beauty 🙂


All beautiful sculptures…great work from our ancestors !

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How to Reach:

From Padalam koot road in Chennai – Trichy highway, take a right, which goes towards Vedanthangal bird sanctuary. This temple is in the 5th km.